Generic Expertise – Advice from a single source

With over 17 years of experience in the world´s leading pharmaceutical generics business, the VMC GROUP operates a high level of expertise in the sales and distribution structure and tooth systems in the generics market. We carry out long-standing and intensive, sustainable customer relationships to all of the major target groups and players in the market.
Through our numerous optimization and integration projects in the generic industry figures, we are among the leading specialists for the implementation of efficient and effective business processes along the entire value chain.

You are after – we offer you conceptual support and assistance:

  • Market entry in the German generic market, strategy and positioning
  • Personnel management, employee development, coaching
  • Sales and marketing, Sales increase -/ Revenue increase
  • Sales and Customer service
  • Assessment and development of internal and external field service
  • Portfolio & Launch Management
  • Key Account Management for Healthcare (Network Physician, MVZ), Pharmacy, Wholesale, Industry and Purchaser
  • Health policy / Tender Management / Discount contracts with health insurance
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Change Management