Network Management

Network structures – an important and significant role with the European health care system.
In the framework of healthcare, established health care centers and family physician models, innovative, networked structures are needed between the players in the health care market.
Through our many years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry, combined with the numerous changes from the AMG-Novellas, consisting of market participants such as Physicians/ Pharmacies / Networks and cooperation’s / Mail order businesses / Wholesale / Blistering and Health insurance companies, intensive contacts connected with intelligent network structures.

Our expertise – your success.

  • Network management: The establishment of organizations- and Process structures , Networking and efficient management of Physician networks, MVZs and Pharmacy co-operation
    • Health orientated forms of cooperation within the framework of the new legislation (current AMNOG) between Physicians , Pharmacies, Blister companies, Pharmaceutical industry and health insurance companies
  • Numerous sound contacts to the decisions-makers of the statutory and private health insurance companies
    • Tenders/ Discount contracts from health insurance companies
  • Strategy and advice for the operational implementation for invitations to tender and ongoing secondary cooperation modal between market participants
  • Future prospects: Medication-Blistering
    • Building of Infrastructures between the Blister centers, Industry and Pharmacies
    • Automatic and semi-automatic blistering processes in pharmacies