Change Management

Companies today are subject to numerous processes of change in ever shorter intervals from various framework conditions which are results of different conditions and decisions-making. Under these conditions, nearly all areas, such as strategies, systems, processes, culture and people are affected. Chances of this kind often lead to misunderstandings and rejection by employees; thus to the paralysis of the Organization. In so far it is the task of key management to direct the energy of employees to the strategic objectives and to make the change process effective:


  • Systematic company organization during change process
  • Reorganization, Staff-cuts: all measures for the management of crisis, which ensure the continuation of entrepreneurial activities
  • Change at a strategic level with conditional changes in the organization, as well as the business processes at strategic and operational level
  • Cost cutting programs of all kinds which almost always are included in organizational changes
  • So called „Cultural Change programs“ influencing collective thinking and behavioral patterns
  • Integration and Fusion of business areas, organizations and companies
  • The VMC GROUP has solid experience in the field of Change Management such as e.g;
  • The integration of the leading generic drug manufacturer in the parent company
  • Relocation of businesses
  • Successful Change Management within the pharmaceutical industry in numerous generics businesses